#Define Brian Mandara

Quick Learner,
Enjoys Problem Solving,
Good Communication & People Skills,
Respectful & Professional When Interacting with Peers & Clientele,
Loves streamlining, optimizing, improving, and polishing processes

Web Development
Responsive Design / Media Queries,
AngularJS / Angular 2,
Databases (MySQL, NoSQL),
Content Management Systems (Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Wordpress)
Cross Platform Applications using Electron.IO,
I am able to pick up any programming language with relative ease
Setting up & Configuring,
Proficient with a CLI (Command Line Interface),
Security Certificates,
Domain Name Management
Google Docs/Sheets,
Microsoft Office Products,
Adobe Softwares (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash),
CAD Software (Autodesk Inventor, OnShape),
Audio Video System Tech,
IT experience,
Computer Building/Repair,
Electrical Equipment Repair,
Advanced Knowledge of The Internet
Advanced Knowledge of Computers
I can fix just about anything given I have the tools to do so

Electrical Engineering,
FPV Racing Drones (Building & Flying),
Virtual Reality & The Applications/Possibilities of the Technology,
Surface Grinders,
CNC Machines
3D Printers

Funny Bone Comedy Club [2018]
I was recommended to Funny Bone by All Star because Funny Bone was having an issue with their sound system not working. They thought it was their amplifier, but after diagnosing their system I was able to determine that their volume attenuator had developed a short in it and to fix the system all they had to do was replace that $25 component. I also checked the speakers that that attenuator was hooked up to and found that the connections were poorly done and had a short which is what caused the attenuator to become faulty. I improved the speaker connections and replaced the attenuator and now their system is fully functional again.
Habersham Home [2015-Present]
Habersham is an American made luxury furniture & cabinetry manufacturer. International creator of elegant, yet refreshingly relaxed, hand-styled furniture, custom kitchen, dressing room and master bath cabinetry for the home.
Habersham has utilized a few of my skillsets on occasion. They've requested my help with website migration to wordpress, frontend manipulation for their B2B site, setting up a wamp server for web development, utilized my programming capabilities with Google Sheets plugins, and had me compile & format data from websites into easily readable and transferable form.
Reveolutions / All Star Alley & Tavern [2015-Present]
All Star Alley & Tavern is a large get together spot that has a restaurant, 2 bars, 24 lanes of bowling alleys, a live performance theater/presentation room, an arcade, and the whole place is covered with TVs, projectors, and speaker systems.
All Star calls upon me whenever they have an issue that they need solved and nobody else has an answer.
I've fixed their positionable pattern changing stage lights by diagnosing and replacing faulty capacitors in the power supplies.
I've also repaired a motherboard of a $16k projector that wasn't working because a tiny smd capacitor shorted out and prevented the cooling system from working.
Most of my calls though are to just fix their AV system whenever it acts up on them.
Hot Air Balloons (Multiple Pilots & Businesses) [2014-Present]
When working with Hot Air Balloon Pilots I quickly learned that the business isn't just about hooking everything up right (which is super important, don't get me wrong) but a lot of it is interacting with the passengers, being personable, and giving them the most enjoyable experience possible. This job has given me a lot of practice with that and has been enjoyable through and through. Oh, and if you are ever able to, go for a balloon ride, you won't regret it!
Skinner Tech [2010-2012]
Skinner Tech was a single store company that provided IT & Website creation services. When I applied there the only person doing the website centered tasks was one of the two bosses of the place, Brian Skinner. So they were looking for someone who could take over for him and do it all, and do it all very well. I received the job and for about 2 years I did frontend development(HTML, CSS, Javascript), backend development(PHP/Drupal), and server maintenance.
M29 [2009-2010]
M29 was my first real job. I had taught myself to program when I was 15 and my Computer Service & Repair teacher knew so. He had come across the job posting looking for a web developer and encouraged me to check it out. I had a small amount of web development knowledge at the time, but I applied and received the job. While working there I quickly learned a lot about web browsers (css box model, document object model, dev tools, etc), server side scripting, CMS (drupal, joomla, etc), and javascript libraries like jQuery. I was one of a few developers there and it really allowed me to become extremely knowledgable with everything pertaining to websites.